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Total quality.

EFQM model of excellence.

Paperless office.

Digital transformation.

We can probably describe the process of business life from the 90s to the present with these concepts. The main motivation of the business world in the 90s was the increase in productivity. Businesses focused on how to produce the products and services they provide with more affordable cost and high quality that would make their customers more happy. Total quality, quality circles and EFQM excellence model approaches have developed as a result of this pursuit.


In the same period, the rapid change experienced in the field of technology, especially in the field of information technologies, enabled businesses to use more computers and software in their business processes. This situation quickly affected business processes. From the communication within the organization to the communication of the business with its customers and suppliers, the speed of doing many things has increased. This development accelerated with the widespread use of the Internet. In many business processes that used paper, pens and notebooks before, the flow began to take place in the electronic environment. Paperless office has become the slogan of many companies that increase the use of technology.

All these developments were the pioneers of the concept of “digital transformation”, which is on today’s agenda. The main purpose of the digital transformation process, which is on the agenda today, is to increase efficiency. How can we do our work faster and better, how can we make our customers happier, how can we reduce costs while increasing quality? These are the questions that the digital transformation effort seeks to answer.As we can see, the questions do not change.

The extraordinary development in the most fundamental dynamic information technologies that put the need for digital transformation before us. The fact that the internet is now an integral part of daily life and that social media takes an important part of our lives has necessitated change for the business world. This requirement appeared both in terms of seizing an opportunity and as a hedge. Opportunity; because the opportunities that arise with the development of technology provide great benefits for businesses to do the job better. Risk; because businesses that cannot keep up with this development have no chance of survival anymore.

Today, the digital transformation process includes the goals of total quality and paperless office, which was the agenda of the 90s for a business. To use information technology more intensively in almost every process of the work; In addition to the necessity of having technology solutions such as ERP, CRM, workflow applications, which were indispensable in the 90s; Cloud technology, web-based applications, e-commerce applications, mobile applications, social media presence requirements are added.

Transformation is not just about investing in technology. It is necessary to redefine business processes with the use of technology and to adapt the human resources involved in the process to this transformation. If these two important points are not handled with great care, then the path set out with the goal of digital transformation turns into a great disappointment for the business. For this reason, in the digital transformation phenomenon, only “we print money, we buy the newest technology; Yes, the most important element of the process is to invest in information technologies. However, it is not enough on its own and the process is handled with a correct analysis and another important dynamic, human resources being compatible and suitable for this transformation, is decisive for success. stands before us as a clear reality.

One aspect of digital transformation that we need to consider carefully is the field of information security. The widespread use of technology in all areas of the business makes businesses more vulnerable to information security risks. Therefore, it is necessary to take adequate information security measures. Otherwise, we may not be able to fulfill our digital transformation goals, and we may experience negativities that may cause great harm to our business.

Another point is that it is wrong to see digital transformation as a once-in-a-lifetime project. Digital transformation is not a phenomenon that ends with the spread of information technologies to all business processes. It is a continuous cycle of transformation. Because technology, especially information technologies, is constantly changing and developing. This change and development in technology; It also necessitates the constant change and transformation of a mechanism in which we put the use of technology at the core of doing business. Therefore, digital transformation processes; should be able to provide institutions with the skills that will sustain the transformation.

At this point, we come face to face with the reality of how important the business partners they work with are in the digital transformation process for corporations. Fully understanding the digital transformation needs of the organization, proposing appropriate technology solutions correctly, being compatible and efficient while performing the work required by the process are the most basic features that our business partners should have. This requirement is indispensable for success. Not only are we wasting money when we don’t work with the right business partners; at the same time, we face the negative consequences of the risk involved in the situation that we cannot transform. Business partners in the digital transformation process have to be a real stakeholder for businesses, and the MANUAL CAPTAIN of the digital transformation journey.

KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS; It works with this awareness while fulfilling the duties of our valued customers in the digital transformation processes. In order for the voyage to continue successfully and for the ship to sail undamaged despite the impassable waves brought by stormy periods, the same MANAGEMENT CAPTAIN serves its customers with the same seriousness and care. Wide product and solution portfolio; Our solution partnerships with important technology manufacturers are our most important strength while fulfilling the role of pilot.

I wish all my friends a pleasant journey on their digital transformation journey.


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