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AGENDA: Pandemic and Digital Transformation

While we stayed at home, we did our work from home. We also did many of our activities outside of work from home. Our children did not go to school, they continued their education from home. Our teachers also taught their students from home. We did our shopping from home. We had fun at home; concerts came to our house; We turned our living room into a cinema. The world’s most famous museums and exhibition halls were also in our house.

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Technology has given us all this. Fast and uninterrupted internet access has become the most important tool that enables us to carry out many activities that make up our lives from home. Both in our country and all over the world, the investments made by companies, public institutions and non-governmental organizations in technology for years, the systems they set up to provide their services on the technology platform, the software they developed as a whole formed the basis for us to easily carry out our work and other vital activities during our stay at home. Thus, we have taken a very big step together in the direction of “digital transformation”, which is the subject that the information technology industry has talked about the most in recent years.

Most of our companies and public institutions successfully realized this rapid transformation. Thus, we saw that we are at a good level in terms of digital transformation in our country. Of course, we still have shortcomings and many areas that we need to improve. We have seen much better during the pandemic process that our institutions should have plans for their work that will improve digital transformation, and that those who have plans should review these plans. This time we spent staying at home has been an important exercise for us in the direction of digital transformation.

We have seen once again the great importance of technology for our companies during the pandemic process. We have once again realized that technology is an indispensable tool to ensure the continuity of our companies’ business, apart from the level of digital transformation. The pandemic has also shown us that we need to question whether our institutions’ technology investments are sufficient and what our shortcomings are.

What have we, as Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri, done during the pandemic process? I would like to give information about this subject as well. In the above lines, I tried to explain the importance of technology use for institutions. At this point, the importance of the supplier companies of the information technology sector emerges. Because we provide technology investments of institutions; we install the necessary hardware and software elements and we provide the services they need to the institutions to use the technology. As a technology supplier, BBS acted with the awareness of this responsibility during the pandemic process. Of course, we have taken the necessary precautions for the health of our employees. We worked by strictly following the guidelines of the public administration led by our Ministry of Health regarding the process. But while we were going through this whole process, our main motivation was to prevent our valuable customers from harming their business continuity and to provide them with all the services they need in the field of technology.

With this motivation, we worked from the office until the middle of March. With the week of March 16, we have made working from the office alternate. Since the beginning of April, we have organized all teams to work from home, except for our staff, which is inevitable to be in the office. We spent the months of April and May mostly working from home. With the month of June, we returned to the rotational working method. We have implemented all the precautions such as disinfection, hygiene, mask use and distance rules declared by the public authority and our occupational health consultants; We continue to implement. In this 3-month period, we have not interrupted any service of our valued customers. We produced the most suitable products and solutions with the most affordable costs, especially for the demand for hardware purchases, especially notebook purchases, which intensified in March and April. We delivered all of our orders on time. We have supported the continuity of their business by closely following the new needs of our customers through working from home. We have also constantly warned our customers about the information security risks that may occur with working from home and helped them to take precautions. We made our financial risk management plans on how to cope with the negative effects of the pandemic environment in economic life, and we tried to take the necessary precautions. We have fully fulfilled all our obligations towards our employees, our most important asset; We have fully retained our staff.

Of course, we couldn’t do our customer visits, which is our most enjoyable activity during this period. However, we tried to make up for this deficiency as much as possible with video calls and web meetings provided by the electronic environment. We continued to maintain our strong communication within the framework of the conditions and possibilities of the new period. We held 13 webinars in order to provide benefits to our customers outside of our routine work. More than 500 people participated in our webinars, all of which were extremely interesting and focused on current technology topics. As a system integrator, we once again saw one of the advantages of being a company that produces services and solutions on a wide variety of issues while holding our webinars. In these 13 webinars, we had the opportunity to explain the solutions of 8 different technology manufacturers, all of which are more valuable than the other, to our customers.

What do we think about next? First of all, we wish the pandemic process to end for all humanity. We have seen once again that the most important phenomenon in our lives is health, and we hope to return to our old healthy days without fear. Until this happens, we will work and live by following all the rules declared by the public authority and our occupational health consultants. In addition, to tell our valued customers the innovations in the field of technology in the fastest and most up-to-date way; Being a reliable technology partner in their digital transformation journey will be our most fundamental task. We will try to do this task better than we have done so far; because we believe and see that the use of technology will be a tool that determines work and life more than ever before.

I wish you all healthy and peaceful days.


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