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We thank Microsoft and Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri for their contributions and consultancy during the project.” ​

Onur Air Information Technologies Manager İsmail Koç who talked about the transition of e-mail infrastructure to Microsoft Cloud System, Office 365, in the solution introduction video prepared for the project, gave information about Onur Air and its activities and then mentioned the technological changes during and after the project period.

About the project, İsmail Koç said: 

“We had the desire to move all the processes to the digital platform as our Corporation strategy and after our search, we decided for Microsoft products Office 365. Easy usage of Exchange and Outlook Technologies by our employees and the high e-mail quote provided for users on the cloud affected our decision. It was very advantageous for us such that costs of MS Office product used in the company decreased and MS Office product is being used on cloud or on-premise alternatively according to the types of users. Besides easy management of license infrastructure, existing document management business processes are being moved to this environment thanks to the SharePoint platform included in the product.”

About the choice of business partner they will work with, Mr. İsmail said:

“In the solution period, we worked with Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri. Thanks to previous experiences and technical proficiency of BBS, we completed the change of platform without any problem.  We thank to Microsoft and Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri for their contributions and consultancy during the project.” ​

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