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The virtualization project realized by Bilgi Birkim Sistemleri and Baymak was completed successfully. Baymak which wanted to strengthen its already present systems with new investments chose BBS for the virtualization project. Baymak Information Technologies Manager Tolga Yavaşoğlu talked about the project; “Thanks to this project, we have increased the data storage and the data processing capacity. We will continue to serve our work units and ease their work with the newest technology, high capacity and processor power. Thanks to our new investment, it will be possible to actualize new applications to serve our organization and our customers. We are able to create instant copies of our crucial systems in different locations. We are able to back up our systems at different points in time. This provides us assurance about data security and business continuity. We prepared a substructure that has high efficiency with the new technology products we preferred. The virtualization infrastructure that we built on this strong infrastructure can host more virtual servers. Thanks to efficient source usage and significant energy conservation, we are compatible with the term “Green IT” and “Green Environment” policy that our organization is constantly defending.”

About the service that they got from BBS, Yavaşoğlu said “Many firms and business partners were interested in our project during the project process. Following a difficult evaluation period, we preferred Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri (BBS) since we foresaw that Bilgi Birikim would contribute more to our corporate infrastructure with their past references and the product and the solution they recommended. Thanks to the successful installation and implementation process, our new systems were put into use without any problem. We thank to those who contributed in this process.”

About the project BBS Corporate Account Manager Başak Sarı opined: “ With the virtualization project that we completed together with Baymak, costs such as electricity/ cooling/ maintenance were economized by consolidating the present sources. In addition to this, our customer’s Server&Storage investment was retained and these devices were moved to the Disaster Recovery Center. Thanks to the flexibility that virtualization provided, in case of disaster by replicating virtual machines to Disaster Recovery Center periodically the systems of our customers will work from Disaster Recovery Center. We are happy that we completed our project with the right solution we recommended to our business partner and that they preferred us while making this significant investment.​

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