Make Necessary Referrals Without Wasting Extra Time

BBS Automatic Ticket Assignment

You can track the problems, demands and processes of customers and users, and ensure that they are directed to the relevant department without spending extra time with automatic ticket assignment.

Automatic Ticket Assignment Process

Defining Processes: These values are entered to which user/team will be assigned at which stage in the Process Definitions screen.

Matching the Category with the Process: Go to the 2nd categories screen. The process field is filled. Every category has to have a process.

Creating a Ticket: A new ticket is created by visiting the Ticket screen. Category fields are filled.

Automatic Filling of the Ticket Process and Stage of the Process: The Process of the Ticket and the Stage of the Process are filled automatically according to the 2nd category selected.

Advance Process: Click the Advance Process button after the ticket is created. Whoever is the first user/team to be assigned at the stage of the ticket, the ticket is assigned to him. The number of stages is increased by 1.

Begin Processing: All fields in the ticket are untouchable before the Start Processing Button is pressed. Press the Start Processing button. If the owner of the ticket is not the person who pressed the button, the owner of the ticket is updated as the user who pressed the button. The relevant fields that the user can fill are updated as intervenable according to the stage of the ticket.

Other Buttons: Decline; It allows the ticket to be rejected before pressing the start processing button. Close/Cancel Ticket; It allows you to cancel the ticket.

SLA Processes: What the colors mean is shown below:

  • Blue: In Progress
  • Red: Incompatible, Canceled.
  • Yellow: Approaching Incompatibility, Paused
  • Green: Successful

Ticket Logs: When Ticket Status, Stage, Owner are changed, all verifications are recorded and it can be reported how long they have remained in this person or state at this stage.

What Benefits to the Customer?

  • When a problem is encountered in areas such as supply chain, production, marketing, people eliminate the necessity of routing by using ticket assignment to contact the required department.
  • Progress can be followed instantly thanks to SLA times and coloring, and all of them are recorded.
  • You can get instant e-mail of all replies and changes thanks to the recording of the assignments.
  • You can use Ticket Logs for reporting and creating a business plan.

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