Communicate with Customers and Get Feedback

BBS CRM Campaign Engine

The product is prepared to communicate with customers, manage campaigns, track campaign costs and receive feedback through customer surveys.

What are the CRM Campaign Engine Features?

  • Target audience or mass campaigns defined by established criteria and designed in CRM enable the customer to win one or more prizes through information updating, evaluation survey, code verification, etc., both in and out of shopping.
  • Discount, Point Obtaining, Gift, Code Obtaining or Lottery right can be used as reward types.
  • In addition, campaigns can be defined within point expenditures, and your expenditures can be created in campaigns such as x times value.
  • It is ensured that the customer receives the highest benefit during the transaction with the Best Offer mechanism working within the campaign engine.
  • Calculations are performed automatically by the system and sent to the dealers via e-mail with the invoicing application prepared to share the benefit provided to the customer in the campaign at the rates determined between the company and the dealer.

What Benefits to the Customer?

  • Increasing customer loyalty,
  • Communicating with customers through different channels,
  • Providing more accurate benefits to the customer,
  • Monitoring of campaign costs,
  • Measuring the future cost of current scores with score tracking,

Our Successful References

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