Let's Create Your Clean and Unique Loyalty Customer Data Together

BBS CRM Loyalty

The product has been prepared to collect clean and singular customer data under the loyalty infrastructure. It is essential that the customer with the Mobile Phone number is unique. Loyalty customer acquisition can be created through different channels such as mobile, web, SMS and business partnerships. The system can work for both physical and virtual cards. Customer transactions that can be made can be limited with the prepared limit engine.

What are the CRM Loyalty Features?

  • Gaining new customer acquisition is increased with information received from Mobile, Web, SMS or business partners channels to the Loyalty System.
  • Rewards such as discounts, earning points and gifts can be better managed with the target audiences determined for the customers registered in the loyalty system and the campaigns defined in the CRM apart from Email/SMS/Push communication.
  • Customer satisfaction measurements can be performed in the integration of the survey with both the mobile application and the Call Center IVR call.
  • Apart from campaigns, additional points can be charged to customers based on business partnerships or customer satisfaction.

What Benefits to the Customer?

  • Creating a clean and unique loyalty customer data,
  • Ability to keep authorized customer data,
  • It allows customers to track their points and gifts and their expiry dates.
  • The customer and the company feel more secure thanks to the point spending transactions performed with OTP approval.
  • Communication with the right customers is ensured thanks to authorized communication tracking.

Our Successful References:

  • Petrol Ofisi
  • Paşabahce Stores
  • Polisan

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