Know Your Customers By Preparing Questionnaires for People

BBS Survey

You can get feedback from your customers, measure customer satisfaction, and prepare question pools for people with the type of questions you want with BBS Survey management.

How Does CRM Survey Management Work?

The BBS survey process consists of two basic steps;

  • Survey definition,
  • Adding a survey question and answer pool

First, a new survey is defined by added the ‘Survey Name’ and ‘Survey Code’ information. Then the survey question and answer pool is defined; The fields ‘Question to be Asked’, ‘Sequence Number’, ‘Answer Style’, ‘Answer Options to Show’ and ‘Use Emojis’ are filled. There are different question-answer patterns, including the survey question and answer pool:

  • Multiple Choice-Single Choice,
  • Date Answer Option,
  • Numerical Answer Option,
  • Rating Answer Option
  • Description Answer Option,
  • Multiple Choice - Single Choice (Emoji) Answer Option,
  • Multiple Choice - Multiple Choice Answer Option,

What Benefits to the Customer?

  • It is an economical way of gaining knowledge. It is economical in terms of time, effort and cost for both sender and participant.
  • It is comprehensive. It is one of the easiest ways to gather information.
  • It makes it easier to reach the desired information by eliminating repetitive information.
  • It allows comparison with previously recorded answers and creating user satisfaction maps.

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