Cleaning, Singularization, Enrichment


Cleaning, Singularization, Enrichment

How Do We Clean and Singularize Large Customer Data?

  • TTZ rules can be identified in a dynamic structure.
  • Minimizing the need for application developers in TTZ rule changes.
  • Rapid involvement of new data sources into TTZ rules.
  • Standardization of TTZ logging (cleaning and singularization) and reporting via CRM.


  • Cleaning process when an unsuitable TR ID number is received.
  • Checking this rule for records with a TR ID number of 11 characters
  • Implementation of the action if the TR ID number does not meet the criteria.


  • Checking the singularity of fields with the same name, surname and GSM No records.
  • Inclusion of different records such as Tax Office and Tax No. in singularization rules.
  • Defining what conditions must be met on the record for singularization.
  • The phone number field must be filled and the first and last name must be at least 2 characters long.


  • For example, when student data is received by BBSTTZ, defining that it will be searched for current students first and then searched among prospective students, if not found, a new student record will be created or converted to a potential student.
  • When student data is received defining that the current record of the name field will override the name or defining on which fields the update will be performed when there is more than one GSM information.

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