Connect With Audiences Through Interactive Webinars and Events

BBS Webinar

It is a webinar creation and tracking system on Dynamics 365. Meet your customers where they are. Connect with audiences through interactive webinars and events.

How Does the BBS Webinar Process Work?

Webinar Definition: A new webinar is defined at the Webinar Definitions screen. Webinar Name, Webinar Link, Start Date, End Date Reminder Date, Auto Confirm? information is filled.

Reminder Date: It is the date that the e-mail will be sent to the participants when the webinar time is close.

Auto-Confirm: Auto-Confirm? If marked as yes, can all users who register for the webinar join the webinar? The field is filled as “Available” and when the reminder date comes, a reminder e-mail is sent.

If unmarked, this field is set to 'Pending' by the system by default. Can those who are asked to join the Webinar from the users who register later, can participate in the Webinar? The field can be selected as “Available” and saved.

Creating Webinar Registration Form Link: A Webinar Registration Form Link is automatically created by the system after the necessary information for the webinar is entered and saved.

Webinar Registration Form: It is the form in which users who want to attend the webinar can register.

Observing Registered Users: Users participating in the Webinar can be seen in the “Registered Users” section on the Webinar Definitions Screen.

Preparing the Reminder Mail Template: A picture published on the Internet is copied and pasted into the section shown below.

Adding Hyperlink: Click on the Image Icon, paste the Webinar link. This process allows to go to the webinar page when clicking on the image.

What Benefits to Customers?

  • Webinar features combine the structure needed to host large events and the simplicity of delivering them.
  • It saves you the time and budget required to design a conference.
  • It provides key performance indicators and all in the same interface.
  • It is extremely useful for both participants and seminar performers because it is kept online.
  • You won't have any problem creating participants Thanks to the direct link to your contact list.
  • You can make invitation designs in the form and design you want and show your creativity.

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