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Next Generation Wireless Communication and Wi-Fi 6 Technologies

Wireless Communication's Fastest and Youngest Member: Wi-Fi 6

When we look at its historical development, it is evident that new-generation wireless communication technologies have arisen from the need to meet users' demands for not only voice but also image, video, and internet transmission.

As a result of this need, researchers and technology companies focused on wireless communication and developed various network groups. Among these, the most widely used network group is Wi-Fi, a type of WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network), which has been accelerating the internet speed with Wi-Fi 6 technology in recent years.

Table of Contents

Types of Wireless Networks

        1.1. WLAN as a Type of Wireless Network

What is Wi-Fi?

      2.1. What is Wi-Fi 6?

       2.1.1. Features that Distinguish Wi-Fi 6 from Others

Types of Wireless Networks

Wireless networks, born from people's desire to get rid of complex and lengthy cables, are classified based on their coverage areas. If we take a look at the list of network types, we can categorize them as follows:

WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network)

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)

WMAN (Metropolitan Wireless Network)

WWAN (Wide Area Wireless Network)

1.1. WLAN as a Type of Wireless Network

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) provides users with various capabilities, including wireless broadband internet access, access to applications on servers, email services, and file sharing among users connected to the same network. It is the most widely used network type worldwide.

Without going into too much detail, it is worth mentioning that there are two types of network systems: IEEE 802.11x, which is based in America, and HiperLAN systems, which are based in Europe.

What is Wi-Fi?

In today's world, both business processes and daily routines heavily rely on internet access. Wi-Fi, which instantly connects devices and makes them ready to use, enables internet access from any desired location and any device without the need for complicated processes.

Known as "Wireless Fidelity" in Turkish, Wi-Fi enables almost all of today's smart technological devices to connect to the internet and to each other wirelessly.

2.1. What is Wi-Fi 6?

Recent developments have made our lives increasingly online-oriented, and the biggest helper and provider of this is undoubtedly wireless internet.

Wi-Fi 6, the latest version of Wi-Fi technology and also referred to as 802.11ax, represents a group of wireless network protocols based on the fundamental network standard. Wi-Fi has been part of our lives since the late 90s, and it is safe to say that it is experiencing its golden age in recent years.

2.1.1. Features that Distinguish Wi-Fi 6 from Others

So, what are the key features that set Wi-Fi 6 apart from others? The main reason for all these improvements is speed. Wi-Fi 6 potentially provides access to much higher connection speeds.

Thanks to the increased bandwidth, Wi-Fi 6 achieves high speed, successfully handling tasks such as fast uploading and downloading, high-quality video streaming, seamless online gaming, meeting the demands of multiple data requests, and processing large-sized files.

Online games (e-sports) that have become quite popular in recent years and the live streams opened from various platforms during these games require a wide bandwidth, hence the need for Wi-Fi 6 technology.

Wi-Fi 6 can reach speeds of up to 9.6 Gbps, approximately three times faster than Wi-Fi 5. With up to 75% lower latency, Wi-Fi 6 offers an experience beyond its time, leaving users behind. Additionally, it manages network traffic efficiently, meaning high download, upload, and multitasking capabilities.

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Abdullah ERKUL

Business Development Manager-NETWORK

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