Our National and International Awards as of 1998


2018 – CRYPTTECH – 2017 Best Support Engineer of the Year – Hakan Ağaç

2018 – CRYPTTECH – Best Business Partner of the Year 2017

2018 – CRYPTTECH – 2017 Most Successful Sales Team of the Year

2018 – LENOVO – Biggest “SAP Hana” Project of the Year Hayat Kimya

2018 – LENOVO – Acknowledgment for the Dedicated Work During the EMBER (Lenovo Spare Parts Processes and Supply) Project in 2017

2018 – IBM – Outstanding Analytics Solution

Engin Şeref

İş Geliştirme Müdürü-BİLGİ GÜVENLİĞİ

What is Honeypot Technology?The most successful way to protect yourself from a threat is to […]


Software Business Development Manager-IBM

Digital transformation continues to spread in all sectors without losing the speed it has gained […]

Müjdat Mutlu

Business Applications Manager-IBM

In the last 1-2 years, process mining has started to take its place rapidly in […]