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Bora Karadağ

He was born in 1982 in İstanbul. He had a degree in İstanbul University from Computer Programming Departmant. He took his step in the sector with Dites firm as a Software Developer. He worked as ERP Consultant in ERP projects in Romania within Dites-BBS Partnership. He started working in BBS in 2005 and worked as ERP Consultant, CRM Consultant, CRM Team Leader, Deputy Business Applications Manager-Microsoft, Software Business Development Manager – Microsoft respectively. He has been working as the Business Applications Manager – Microsoft since September 2022 and he will continueto serve as substitute for Software Business Development Manager – Microsoft

Engin Şeref

İş Geliştirme Müdürü-BİLGİ GÜVENLİĞİ

What is Honeypot Technology?The most successful way to protect yourself from a threat is to […]


Software Business Development Manager-IBM

Digital transformation continues to spread in all sectors without losing the speed it has gained […]

Müjdat Mutlu

Business Applications Manager-IBM

In the last 1-2 years, process mining has started to take its place rapidly in […]