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Müjdat Mutlu

He was born in 1975 in Balıkesir. He has been in the IT industry for 21 years and held various positions in companies such as Turkcell and IBM. Graduated from Marmara University Computer Education Department. He is currently the IBM Business Applications Manager at Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri.

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Abdullah ERKUL

İş Geliştirme Müdürü-Network

IT Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions are essential for organizations for several reasons. Here are […]

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Engin Şeref

İş Geliştirme Müdürü-BİLGİ GÜVENLİĞİ

What is Honeypot Technology? The most successful way to protect yourself from a threat is […]

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Ahmethan GÖKÇAY

Yazılım İş Geliştirme Müdürü-Hizmet

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, information technology (IT) plays a critical role in the success […]