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Süleyman Mert

Born Istanbul, 20 July 1965. Graduated from Gazi University Engineering Architecture Faculty, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department. Takes part as Founding Partner in the foundation of Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri in 1992.

veri guvenligi kutu


İş Geliştirme Müdürü-Bilgi Güvenliği

Data security is of utmost importance in today’s digital age, where vast amounts of sensitive […]

kurumsal icerik kutucuk


Kurumsal Satış Yöneticisi

In today’s business environment, large corporations and companies are turning to technological solutions to increase […]

yeni nesil kutucuk

Abdullah ERKUL

İş Geliştirme Müdürü-NETWORK

Wireless Communication’s Fastest and Youngest Member: Wi-Fi 6 When we look at its historical development, […]