We are with you as our BBS Technical Team in Microsoft Server Products

Microsoft Server Technical Support Services

BBS provides technical support services on the following Microsoft Server issues with its expert and experienced staff.

  • Exchange Server Installation Service
  • Exchange Server DAG & DR Installation Service
  • Exchange Server Migration Service
  • Exchage Server Healthcheck Service
  • Exchange Online Installation Service
  • Exchange Online Migration Service
  • SQL Server Installation Service
  • SQL Server Cluster Installation Service
  • Windows 10 Client Hadening
  • Windows Server Installation Service
    - DNS
    - CA
    - MPS
    - DHCP
    - FileServer
    - GPO
  • SCCM and WSUS Installation and Deployment
  • Hyber-V Virtualization Installation Service
  • ATA (Advanced Threat Analytics)
  • Maintenance Support Agreement (Microsoft Servers)
  • Azure Service
    - Azure AIP
    - ATP Defender
    - AD Premium
    - VDI Virtualization
  • AD Services
    - Setup
    - Migration
    - Healthcheck
    - AD Hadening
  • BBS Managed Services
    - Exchange Online Management Service
    - 7x24 Network & System Monitoring and Intervention Service

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