Managing and Interacting with Multiple Remote Sessions for RDP and SSH

Delinea (Thycotic) Connection Manager

When IT groups measure their efforts across larger networks, new cloud services, diverse connectivity protocols, large numbers of privileged users, different workgroups and customer environments, they should closely monitor privileged accounts throughout sessions. Teams are supposed to navigate complex networks, cloud services, and user requirements. When using different connection protocols and various privileged accounts with multiple sessions active at the same time, it is difficult to manage and secure them.

Delinea (Thycotic) Connection Manager is an advanced remote connection management solution that provides a single place to manage and interact with multiple remote sessions for both Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Secure Shell (SSH) in a unified environment.

With Delinea (Thycotic) Connection Manager

  • Scale Your Privileged Identity Management (PAM): Initially, you can facilitate rapid system deployment and enable growth with flexible scaling. Get visibility on hundreds of different links in one place. Reduce inappropriate access due to administrative errors.
  • Seamless Integration with Delinea (Thycotic) Secret Server (PAM): Get secure access to required privileged credentials from a Delinea (Thycotic) Secret Server vault from a single interface, on-premises or in the cloud centralizing control. Improve accountability and oversight over privileged users. Monitor, record and control simultaneous remote sessions.
  • Maximize Efficiency: It supports the use of specific protocols, tools, and user interfaces for multiple sessions. You can use it for Windows and MacOS. Quickly switch between active sessions or easily expand to full screen and start a new session in a separate tab. Start new sessions in a separate tab for better visibility. Quickly switch between sessions.
  • Monitoring and Auditing: Enable session recording. Capture every action taken in your audit log to prove regulatory compliance. Meet regulations including SOX, HIPAA, ICS CERT, GLBA, PCI DSS, FDCC, FISMA, among others.

BBS successfully offers the following services to its customers with its experienced and competent software team.

  • System Setup
  • Cluster Configuration
  • System Administrator and End User Trainings
  • Health-check
  • System Migration
  • Version Update
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Consulting & Application Development
  • Integration
  • Performance Monitoring and Monitoring

Thycotic and Centrify, two major Privileged Identity Management (PAM) manufacturers having leading positions in the industry, merged in March 2021 and the brand's provisional name became ThycoticCentrify. We are pleased to announce to you, our dear customers, that the name of the brand is now Delinea as of today with the power of this merger and we look forward to introducing you.

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