Reduce Malware and Modern Security Threats By Performing Least Privileges on Endpoints

Delinea (Thycotic) Privilege Manager

Mitigate malware and modern security threats before they're exploited by apps by removing local admin rights and applying least privileges on endpoints.

With Thycotic Privilege Manager

  • Start quickly: Distribute to hundreds of thousands of machines with a cloud solution. Benefit from Cloud Suite for Privilege Manager and servers for workstations.
  • Ensure secure endpoint access: Discover the machines, accounts, and applications with administrator rights for workstations and servers hosted in the cloud, and automatically apply the principles to manage the privileges. Discover applications with administrator rights even on machines outside the domain area and apply principles.
  • Define flexible policies: Increase, allow, refuse and restrict applications with policy wizards with just a few clicks.
  • Manage and remove local administrative rights: Create rules to permanently define local group memberships and automatically return non-human privileged identity information.
  • Upgrade Applications: Allow reliable applications to operate, block or protect others  while maintaining the least privilege model
  • Increase CT and end-user productivity: Help desk operations decrease with automatic or repeated operations, people automatically access the applications and systems they need. Reduce critical security vulnerabilities without interrupting your business users or IT support team.
  • Stay Compatible: You can report about application use, blocking malware, and the lowest privilege compatibility. You can also benefit from privileged behavioral analytics by making Privileged Behavior Analytics integration with Privilege Manager Cloud.

BBS successfully offers the following services to its customers with its experienced and competent software team.

  • System Setup
  • Cluster Configuration
  • System Administrator and End User Trainings
  • Health-check
  • System Migration
  • Version Update
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Consulting & Application Development
  • Integration
  • Performance Monitoring and Monitoring

Thycotic and Centrify, two major Privileged Identity Management (PAM) manufacturers having leading positions in the industry, merged in March 2021 and the brand's provisional name became ThycoticCentrify. We are pleased to announce to you, our dear customers, that the name of the brand is now Delinea as of today with the power of this merger and we look forward to introducing you.

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