Solve Service Issues Before They Are Realized

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Dynamics 365 Field Service is an end-to-end solution that allows it to transform service operations by connecting customers, people, places and things to deliver customer-centric experiences. Field Service enables organizations to move from being reactive to providing proactive or predictive field service and adopting new business models such as results-based service or “everything-as-a-service”.

Dynamics 365 Field Service Offers Rich Scenarios in Various Fields

  • Facilitated first-time onboarding experience for faster time to value and the ability to use Field Service in productive environments.
  • Advanced technician empowered with capabilities such as information management or virtual agents in Field Service mobile.
  • Comprehensive customer interaction capabilities for companies to stay in close contact with their customers.


Deliver Proactive Service: Ensure consistent and reliable operations by predicting, detecting and resolving service issues before your customers realize there is a problem.

Optimize Timing with AI: Deliver exceptional onsite customer experiences while optimizing resources and costs by sending technicians to where and when they are needed most.

Provide One-Time Fix Resolution: Obtain customer trust and loyalty by giving technicians and service managers the right tools and information they need to fix problems the first time.

Transform Your Business: Transform your cost center into a profit center by moving from a planned service model to just-in-time predictive maintenance triggered by IoT data.

Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri believes that offering the “right solution” to the customer is the greatest value. It has been serving in this field for years aiming to adhere to the determined project budget and complete it on time. In this context, it has realized many successful and value-added projects with its competent and experienced personnel owning high-level certificates. Please let us to contact you so that we can introduce our work and offer you the right solution.

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