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Dynamics 365 Marketing

Companies must deliver personalized messages that customers can identify with and add value to their lives to build strong relationships. Companies must not only obtain new customers to grow, or even survive, they must also help current customers progress from one-time customers to permanent customers and ultimately to fans of the company. Deep engagement and building meaningful connections have never been more important than it is today.

Our approach with Dynamics 365 Marketing is to equip data with artificial intelligence by unleashing the power of all your data and empower you to deliver meaningful messages to your customers. When we create features that help you achieve your goals, making the product easier to use is a guiding principle for us. Our main themes in response to customer feedback is to provide deeper personalization with your communications, do more out of the box with channels, and provide you with insights to drive better results from your marketing activities in the current version.

Deeper Personalization to Attract Your Customers

  • Write dynamic content with a new point-and-click interface easily.
  • Create deeply personalized emails from a more flexible set of data sources.
  • Target AI-generated segments using features such as innovation, frequency, and monetization to target high-risk or high-value customers.

Channels, Power, and Convenience to Reach Your Customers with the Right Messages

  • Compose emails quickly with little effort and without compromise using the new email editor experience.
  • Search, manage and use artificial intelligence to tag your digital assets with a new central asset library.
  • Use AI-based suggestions to select and present the best image, video, document or piece for your messages.
  • Create and send SMS messages to any mobile phone.
  • Send push notifications to any Android or iOS app.

Analysis to Improve Results and Achieve Your Business Goals

  • Increase trip efficiency with a new set of built-in analytics dashboards and cross-trip insights.
  • Track your customer journeys and channel KPIs in real time.
  • Set business goals for trips and measure progress to the goal.
  • Try the next action in a journey to optimize results.

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