Secure and Manage APIs Across Multiple Cloud and On-premise Environments


IBM API Connect, which is included in the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration (CP4I) family, which provides automatic integration with a single platform, is an important facilitator of digital transformation and integration.

APIs are a hot topic that is energetically discussed by business people, IT administrators, and developers alike. Much of the excitement in the public domain has to do with open public APIs. To some extent, not having a public API today is like not having a website in the late 1990s. For many organizations, though, public APIs are the least of their business concerns. More important concerns include creating omnichannel solutions, innovating faster than the competition, being a mobile enterprise or operating in a hybrid cloud environment.

IBM® API Connect is an integrated API management offering with capabilities and tools for all phases of the API lifecycle. Key steps in the API lifecycle include creating, securing, managing, socializing, and analyzing. In addition to the ability to deploy in complex, multicloud topologies, IBM API Connect provides enhanced experiences for developers and cloud administrators in your organization.

IBM API Connect has two main focuses: first, to provide best-in-class API Management tools, and second, to have a cloud-based solution. This allows users to create, manage, and secure applications deployed in a variety of on-premises and cloud environments.

IBM API CONNECT is a highly reliable and scalable technology product with a “user friendly” interface that helps you manage and expose APIs.

Openshift, Kubernetes and Docker support are available. It has Turkish language support.

What can You Do with IBM API CONNECT?

  • It supports industry- independent applications, devices, websites, and more, including Finance, Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, and more.
  • API Editor capability allows you to quickly develop new APIs.
  • It allows you to build high-quality, scalable and secure APIs for application servers, databases, and mainframes in minutes.
  • It provides integrated tools to build, debug, and deploy APIs and Microservices using Node.js or Java.
  • It helps you discover and test the APIs that build your digital brand and community.
  • It helps you to manage all APIs through a single interface.
  • Allows you to publish your APIs and how to use them to all developers and partners through the web portal that comes with IBM API Connect.
  • It creates a secure API management solution that helps power digital transformation as On-Prem and Cloud.

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