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Process Mining

BBS prefers the IBM Content Collector product family for corporate projects of organizations in order to;

  • Help them gain control over e-mails, link e-mails with business processes and manage storage space to better comply with legal obligations,
  • Archive documents, help users manage growth and risk in their file systems,
  • Reduce SAP operating costs and increase the efficiency of SAP users and processes with facilities such as SAP data and document archiving, SAP content activation and complementary process management.

IBM Content Collector - With E-mail Archiving

  • Uses intelligent archiving and disposal of redundant data to help reduce unsupervised storage costs.
  • Centralizes policy management enabling common rules and policies across all content.
  • Enables automatic, policy-driven email retrieval and archiving using ZeroClick technology, and logging and manual execution options are also available.
  • Allows flexible routing and processing of internal, external and private instructions with its task routing architecture.
  • Links and archives email and attachments and attaches them to a business process.
  • Notifies users of custom metadata during manual email capture.
  • Allows users to search, view, restore and protect their collected and archived emails.
  • Enables faster response to litigation, investigations, audits and information inquiries using IBM eDiscovery Manager and IBM eDiscovery Analyzer.
  • Dynamically displays the collected content as a record using IBM Enterprise Records. It enables classification decisions based on metadata to be made instantly using the IBM Classification Module.

IBM Content Collector - With Document Archiving

  • This product, which is an enterprise solution for auditing documents in shared network files, provides tools to help users comply with company and regulatory policies.
  • Uses intelligent archiving and disposal of unnecessary content to help further reduce IT infrastructure costs associated with managing and protecting file systems and other content.
  • Enables instant decision making and seamless integration with the help of classification and records with task routing architecture.
  • Automatically captures documents as soon as they are placed in the watched location in the shared file.
  • Allows documents to be left in place or moved, marked, or modified with shortcuts to help users find previously uploaded documents.
  • Allows advanced and special-purpose file processing using an advanced rules engine.
  • Highly scalable to support the collection and archiving of large volumes of file system content.
  • Classifies documents and content using metadata and rules with the IBM Classification Module.
  • Dynamically displays collected content as a record using IBM Enterprise Records.
  • Enables rapid response to litigation, investigations, audits and information inquiries using IBM eDiscovery Manager and IBM eDiscovery Analyzer.
  • It is part of the Content Assessment solution.

With IBM Content Collector for SAP

  • You can import all kinds of documents from the SAP system into the Document Management System and reduce the document density on SAP with IBM Content Collector for SAP integration.
  • You can increase the performance of the SAP system and reduce the cost by taking the outdated “recently unused” documents from the live environment and moving them to the archive.
  • You can apply archive settings to each SAP application to meet business and compliance requirements.
  • You can use SAP document archiving and link attachment scenarios for quick access to documents.
  • You can automatically create new SAP transactions by capturing data on incoming documents.
  • You can provide “Universal Access” to SAP documents stored in the content management system via SAP users.
  • You can also use the data capture, analysis, classification, record management, e-Discovery features of the content management system when necessary.

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