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Microsoft License Consulting

The answers to the questions below can change a lot about the future of your company.

  • Do you use outdated software?
  • Is it difficult for you to regularly track your inventory?
  • Can you get the highest return on your software investment?
  • What software do you need to be more productive and efficient?

If these questions are familiar to you, or if you answered “Yes” or “Maybe” to at least one of them, Microsoft Licensing Consulting will be the right solution for your company.

What is Software Asset Management-SAM?

“Software Asset Management”, known as SAM in the world, is a consultancy service that we offer for the best management of the software asset owned by our customers and applied by many companies in the world.

The purpose of BBS's Microsoft License Consulting service is to meet the demands of the rapidly changing business environment and to adapt comfortably to new conditions by enabling institutions to create a dynamic IT system. It assists organizations in determining strategies that improve the dynamic features of employees, processes, infrastructure and platforms with the technology they use.

We examine the software lifecycle process, which includes all stages from software purchase to installation, from support services to removal of unused software with SAM on the basis of users, processes and technologies, and help you position the most accurate model for your company.

What are the Benefits of SAM?

SAM implementation is necessary for rationalizing and reducing IT costs, using IT resources more effectively, streamlining IT business processes, managing risks and better corporate governance.

Cost Savings

  • Facilitates cost planning, budgeting and bill paying by providing centralized license management, centralized purchasing and license discounts.
  • Optimizes the number of SAM software. Infrastructure, maintenance and management costs are also reduced in addition to licensing costs. Expenses are also optimized as departments such as finance and purchasing better understand their IT needs.
  • Organizations can reduce their costs by 30% in the first year of SAM, and by 8% and 10% in the following years. (Return on Investment: The Financial Benefits of Software Asset Management, Gartner)
  • SAM enables you to manage all your software (and hardware if you want) professionally and throughout the product lifecycle regardless of vendor.
  • Helps you to plan a better budget for your projected expenses and purchases by increasing the appearance of your computing expenses.

Corporate Management

  • Clarifies the status of software assets and makes IT strategic decisions easier thanks to consistent, up-to-date and well-structured records
  • When communication between units increases with the development of IT processes, transparency and performance increase throughout the organization.
  • When effective use of software provides more effective support it increases user satisfaction.
  • Provides compliance with the best practices in the market such as COBIT, ITIL, ISO standards.
  • Ensures easy integration during mergers, circulations and acquisitions.
  • Allows you to respond to market opportunities and customer demands in a shorter time.

Risk Management and Compliance

  • Legal risks are prevented by keeping the installed and purchased license records up-to-date.
  • Unsupported technologies are taken under control, security risks that may arise from update deficiencies and unlicensed software are prevented. Data loss risks can be minimized in this way.
  • The entry of harmful code and viruses are prevented by avoiding unauthorized software downloads and installations.

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