You Can Define Suspicious Activity in an Attack, Deceit and Mislead the Enemy in Your Internal Network

Threat Deception and Honeypot Technologies

Deception technology is a category of incident detection and response technology that helps security teams detect, analyze, and defend against advanced threats by convincing attackers to interact with rogue IT assets deployed on your network. Deception approach alerts you high accurately about specific malicious behaviors, many of which are difficult to identify with log analysis or a stand-alone SIEM tool. Perimeter and endpoint security solutions cannot reliably stop attacks from all vectors and methods.

Deception technology is a critical role in detecting the lateral movement of the in-network attacker early and accurately regardless of the methods used to compromise the network. The solution does not depend on signatures or database search since the deception technology uses traps and baits to spot an enemy. This makes the deception technology scalable and can reliably detect attackers using ever-changing attack methods and targeting rapidly evolving attack surfaces.

Deception technology is bait. It encourages attackers on your internal network to interact with them by setting up irresistible traps that appear to be legitimate IT assets, and triggers an alert giving your team the time, insight, and context they need to respond effectively. Any activity it records is automatically suspect because nobody in your organization needs to interact with deception technology at their work. Therefore, an important benefit of deception technology is high-quality alerts that identify very specific malicious behavior.

Honeypot is a networked system set up as a decoy to detect, deflect and investigate hacking attempts to attract cyber attackers and gain unauthorized access to information systems. Function of honeypot is to represent itself on the internet as a potential target for attackers—usually a server or other high-value asset and to gather information and notify advocates of attempts to access the honeypot by unauthorized users.

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