Uncontrolled Changes Can Affect Negatively on Your Security Status

Vulnerability and Compliance Technologies

Security vulnerability is any weakness or defect that may pose a threat to the design or implementation of a system or device. There are two main fields that need to be addressed to eliminate security vulnerabilities: configuration settings and software errors (patch) in program and operating system files. A software upgrade or program/OS configuration update (fix) or configuration change is required to eliminate security vulnerabilities.

Security tightening is equally necessary for servers and network devices (switches, firewalls). Moreover, if you are subject to an official security standard such as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, etc., then device security tightening will be a mandatory requirement. Uncontrolled changes to a device can adversely affect its security status and expose your company to security threats. Therefore, the security vulnerabilities of all servers and active devices should be checked periodically and be fixed with patches and configuration changes. Vulnerability scanning and compliance with security standards are necessary in both current and new infrastructure products. Weakness and patch checks should be performed periodically with competent solutions to meet this requirement and your systems must be secured with fast and dynamic updates when needed.

Cyber attacks have revealed the importance of the concept of "security" recently. Current systems need to be protected against external and internal attacks when reconfiguring a system. Security is a process from the network layer to the server firmware, server platform and 3rd party applications. At this point, the solution provides security of operating system, server, platform and network devices at different layers. It allows you to eliminate security vulnerabilities by checking network devices, servers, operating system updates, operating system (Windows, Linux, Unix) patch management, security vulnerabilities of PCI-DSS, Sox and Cobit and patching database software.

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