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Vulnerability Scanning Technologies

Vulnerability Assessment-VAS is an extensive term used to describe the process of automatically detecting flaws in the security program of an organization. It covers areas such as patch management process, hardening procedures and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Services or products that offer vulnerability scanning are commonly known as Vulnerability Assessment Systems (VASs).

Vulnerability scanners are automated tools that let organizations check whether their networks, systems, and applications have security weaknesses that could expose them to attacks. Vulnerability scanning is a common practice in corporate networks and is often mandated by industry standards and government regulations to improve the organization's security posture.

There are many tools and products in the vulnerability scanning that cover different asset types and offer additional features that help companies implement a complete vulnerability management program—unified processes for identifying, classifying, and mitigating vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability scans can be performed from outside or inside the network or the segment of the network which is being evaluated. Organizations can run external scans from outside network to identify exposure to attacks of servers and applications that can be accessed directly from the Internet. Moreover, if hackers gain access to the local network, internal vulnerability scans aim to identify flaws that they can exploit to move laterally to different systems and servers.

Ease of access to parts of the internal network depends on how the network is configured and, more importantly, how it is partitioned. Therefore, any vulnerability management program should begin with the mapping and inventory of an organization's systems and the classification of their importance based on the access they provide and the data they have.

Vulnerability scanning should be complemented by penetration testing. They are different processes that have the purpose of identifying and evaluating security vulnerabilities. Vulnerability scanning is an automated event based on a database of known vulnerabilities such as CVE/NVD, scan providers provide more complete databases, but generally do not include exploitation of identified defects. Penetration test is a more comprehensive process involving manual investigation and exploitation by a security professional to simulate what a real attacker would do. It provides a more accurate assessment of the risk posed by different vulnerabilities.

The basis of Vulnerability Scanning relies on the vendor's vulnerability database with details on every known vulnerability. Security research team of sellers frequently updates its database with information about new vulnerabilities. Typically, vulnerability scanners begin by conducting a network asset inventory that gathers information from an existing asset management system and identify every system running on the network. Then, they perform a basic scan to identify the applications and operating system running on this host to detect potential security vulnerabilities.

Once the vulnerability scan is complete, the results can overwhelm security experts with thousands of configuration errors. The true power of the best vulnerability scanning tools stems from its ability to support security teams in removing information confusion and prioritizing actions that have the highest impact on the company's security posture. The severity and impact of security vulnerabilities discovered perform it by combining information about the priority of the system and compatibility issues, if any, in the current environment.

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