Up-to-Date Security Is Always Required In Security Services

Cloud Based Email Security

It has been a long time that emails are a critical tool for corporate communication. Attackers consider this form of communication as an appropriate way for an organization to flood its users with inappropriate content aimed at harm (sending mails to steal user permissions, sending files containing viruses and other spyware, and more).

Traditional solutions for email security include normally a device that passes all emails for basic scanning. The ability to address dynamic and new threats with such solutions is very limited. Such devices are normally updated every few hours or once a day, therefore, they can protect you from mostly known threats and spam.

Cloud solutions allow the propagation of dynamic content and that means always up-to-date security in cloud security services.

  • Cloud services simplify maintenance and operating procedures and save operating costs.
  • Cloud email security can protect mail servers from DDOS attacks and provide uptime and flexibility benefits.
  • Cloud email security provides flexibility for customized policy, management, and logs.
  • Cloud email security allows adding new security components for extra protection without the need to add physical devices.
  • Standalone platform works with any email client or server.
  • It provides multiple levels of spam, virus and phishing protection.
  • It reduces wasted staff time and increases productivity, as evidenced by messages like “More than 99.9% of spam detected and quarantined”.
  • Advanced provides transparent URL protection for users, scanning all links with messages.
  • It prevents data leakage (customer data, sensitive business information) using multi-level account rules.
  • It allows you to create rules to manage domains, groups or individual policies.
  • It allows flexible policies to be written for end-user control over e-mails.

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