Let us design and design basic security control measures together for  your database systems

Database Security

Database security includes measures used to protect database management systems against malicious cyber attacks and illegal use. Database Security Programs are designed not only for the data in the database but also to protect the data management system itself and every application that accesses it from abuse, damage, and unauthorized input.

Database Security includes tools, processes, and methodologies that provide security in a database environment. Many software can be abused due to security vulnerabilities, incorrect configuration, misuse, or carelessness. No matter how strong your defense is, there is always a possibility of infiltrating your system to your system. However, the only threat to the security of your database is not the attackers, your employees may also pose a risk for your business. A malicious or careless employee is always likely to access data without access permission.

Basic Safety Measures that we can recommend:

  • Powerful passwords must be compulsory,
  • Password mixes should be stored encrypted,
  • Accounts should be locked after multiple entries attempts,
  • If the personnel move into different positions, leave the company or no longer need access at the same level, the accounts should be reviewed and disabled regularly…

A database Firewall must be used to protect your database server from database security threats. By default, a firewall does not allow traffic efficiency. Unless there is a special reason, your database must start or stop outgoing connections.

In addition to protecting the database with a firewall, a web application must be used in the firewall (WAF). A database firewall cannot stop most web application attacks because traditional firewalls are in the network layer. Web application layers work in the application layer.

For example, the Web Application Firewall - WAF can detect malicious web application traffic such as SQL injection attacks and prevent it before damaging your database.

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