Let's Increase Your End User Security Because Internal Threat Is Very Important!

End User Security

Although network security comes to mind first when we talk about security, end-user security is one of the most important components of a holistic security infrastructure. In this sense, although the use of antivirus software, host firewall and host IPS is common, traditional solutions are not sufficient against developing and increasingly complex attacks. Digitizing human and corporate life has expanded the attack surfaces that attackers can use and has led to the diversification of attack vectors. In this process, the security of user information has also started to be of great importance.

Traditional Antivirus solutions offer a signature-based solution and are insufficient against developing attacks. On the other hand, next-generation antivirus solutions provide advanced endpoint security against many new types of attacks that can be performed with or without files, using machine learning, artificial intelligence and user habits, and power shell scripts by benefiting from cloud technologies.

Endpoint Threat detection and Response (EDR) software aims to tighten security and reduce access and/or data breaches running on end-user devices. In cases where traditional AV and NGAV solutions are inadequate and are circumvented by attackers, it increases threat visibility and facilitates forensic analysis with its capabilities such as anomaly detection, warning, monitoring of operations at the endpoint at the operating system and files level, keeping records of these, registry changes. However, the integration of EDR with other security software or devices such as antivirus, firewall, IPS is required at the point of stopping the threats.

At this point, security cannot be provided only with security software installed on end-user devices. Mobile device management (MDM) provides the management and security of operating systems, applications and corporate information of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. MDM provides the opportunity to track and report detailed information about the managed device inventory. Device brand, model, serial number, IMEI number, operating system etc. It makes a lot of information reportable. It is the first solution to prevent access to data or local networks in cases where devices are lost, stolen or copied.

Another important point in terms of corporate security is the protection of user credentials. Stolen user credentials are the biggest problem an organization can experience. In this way, the attacker will be able to bypass any security investment without any problems by pretending to be a trusted user. To prevent this, two-factor authentication should be used. Basically, it is built on allowing access by using something that the user has (something you have) and something that the user knows (something you know) or a biometric feature together. An example of this is the SMS verification used when accessing banks' websites. Here, what the mobile phone user has, the pin in recieved SMS is what he/she knows. In this way, the risks that may be faced with theft of static passwords are eliminated by the use of passwords that are constantly changed and unpredictable.

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