Investing in DNS Layer Security Will Improve Your Network Security

DNS Security

DNS Security is the application of protecting DNS infrastructure from cyber attacks to ensure fast and reliable operation. An effective DNS security strategy contains a number of overlapping defenses including setting up redundant DNS servers, enforcing security protocols such as DNSSEC, and requiring strict DNS logging.

Why is DNS security important?

The DNS system, like many Internet protocols, was also not designed considering security and contains various design limitations. These limitations make DNS servers vulnerable to a wide range of attacks, including spoofing, Denial of Service (DoS), or the interception of private personal information with advances in technology. DNS can be the main target for attacks as it is an integral part of most Internet requests.

What is DNS firewall?

DNS firewall is a tool that can provide a set of security and performance services for DNS servers. A DNS firewall is located between the authoritative name server of the website or service a user tries to access. The firewall can provide speed limiting services to block attackers trying to keep the server busy. If the server experiences an outage as a result of an attack or for any other reason, a DNS firewall can keep the carrier's site or service up and running by providing DNS responses from the cache. In addition to the security features, a DNS firewall can also provide performance solutions for the DNS operator such as faster DNS lookups and lower bandwidth costs.

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