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E-Mail Security

Email Security can be defined as the use of various techniques to keep sensitive information in email communications and accounts safe. These precautions are mainly taken against unauthorized access, loss or danger. It enables a person or organization to maintain public access to one or more email addresses or accounts.

Similarly, a service provider secures e-mail by using strong passwords and access control mechanisms on an e-mail server. Here, e-mail messages are encrypted as they are placed in the inbox or transferred to or from a subscriber's e-mail address and digitally signed. Moreover, the service provider carries out firewall and software-based spam filtering applications to restrict the delivery of spam, untrustworthy, and malicious e-mail messages to a user's inbox.

How can I help make sure Office 365 cloud email is safe?

Microsoft Office 365 has become the standard platform for large and small organizations around the world. It provides basic cloud email protection through Microsoft Exchange Online Protection. However, Office 365 has become a target for cybercriminals with the increasing global use and has led many customers to seek additional cloud email protection.

If your business uses Office 365 for your email solution, you can make sure that you are fully protected with multiple layers of defense. You can protect against malware, ransomware, business email compromise (BEC), URL-based phishing attacks, and spam with Email Security.

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