Let Us Take Necessary Control Measures To Manage Firewall Configurations and Prevent Mishaps

Firewall-Network Configuration and Change Control

A firewall (FW) is a network device that acts as a protective shield to your network by applying the conditions given by the IT department. It identifies what all defined rules are about and what traffic is allowed or not. Thus, it is required for administrators to be careful when working on firewall configurations and ensure that there are no errors when specifying these rules.

Error rules can establish ways through which malicious actors can carry out attacks. For example, if an administrator accidentally enforces a rule that allows unwanted traffic, it may result in unauthorized data transfer or a major network breach.

It is necessary to take measures to prevent configuration mishaps and ensure network security and manage firewall configurations.

Network Configuration Manager is an ideal solution for monitoring firewall configurations, monitoring changes, detecting unauthorized use, and improving network security. When a change is performed, firewall configuration allows you to automate the backup process. You can quickly revert to the backed-up configuration version at any time to prevent a possible data breach if the configuration change turns out to be incorrect. For this purpose, Network Configuration Manager not only allows you to batch backup firewall configurations, it also provides options for scheduling regular backups of these configurations.

Firewall configuration changes made by unauthorized users can make it an easy target for hackers by causing inconsistencies on your firewall device. Network Configuration Manager allows administrators to control who can access firewall configurations using role-based access control (RBAC) to prevent it. This helps administrators monitor who made what configuration changes and when. Moreover, Network Configuration Manager triggers change notifications in real-time, so you will be instantly informed of every change.

It is important that firewalls comply with legal requirements. It helps ensure that sensitive information is properly managed and gaps in the network are closed.

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