Obtain Visibility, Control and Automatic Response to Your Wired and Wireless Network Using Network Access Control

Network Access Control (NAC)

Organizations also increase the use of internet of things (IoT) devices to embrace digital transformation and achieve greater operational efficiency. It requires one open port, only one compromised or unknown device, when a single uncontained threat is sufficient security administrators also ensure the security of every device at all times for cybercriminals to nullify all their efforts to secure the network.

Network access control (NAC) solutions provide monitoring of corporate networks and control of users' access to networks considering the policies and rules set by organizations. BBS prefers Fortinet product family solutions in corporate projects where it provides services on network access control.

Fortinet's network access control tool FortiNAC reduces the security risks associated with unsecured devices accessing the network while providing organizations with complete visibility into endpoints, users, trusted and untrusted devices and applications. After the visibility, whether the FortiNAC is wired or wireless, it performs dynamic controls that will ensure the security of all devices subject to the context/environment-based security policy authenticated or authorized and specifying “by who”, “what type”, “when” and “how” the connection is allowed. Therefore, it is ensured that only the right people and devices have access to the right applications, infrastructure and assets.

FortiNAC encourages company policies to shift towards device patching and firmware versioning. Moreover, FortiNAC includes powerful network orchestration capabilities to offer automated response to detected threats and it can control a threat that can take days or even weeks in seconds controlled by a manual process.

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