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Network Detection System (NDR)

Network Detection and Response (Network Detection and Response-NDR) is a cybersecurity solution that constantly monitors an organization's network and responds to these threats through local capabilities to detect cyber threats and abnormal behavior using non-signature-based tools or techniques.

It continuously monitors an organization's network using behavioral analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to detect cyber threats and anomalous behavior and respond to these threats through local capabilities by collecting all network traffic for unprecedented visibility. It works integrated with other cyber security tools/solutions.

High performance NDR solutions use advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to model competitor tactics, techniques and procedures mapped in the MITER ATT&CK framework to detect aggressive behavior with high precision.

  • They find out the security-related context.
  • They show high accuracy data.
  • They greatly decrease research time and effort by correlating events between time, users and applications.
  • They also transfer security detections and threat correlations to Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions for comprehensive security assessments.

NDR solutions overreach responding to threats in real time by detecting threats and supporting a wide variety of integrations with or with local controls or other cybersecurity tools.

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