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Next Generation Firewall

Firewalls are a standard security tool for most companies, however, next-generation firewalls are the only firewalls that can provide appropriate protection in current  changing threat landscape.

As Gartner defines, Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) is "an application-level inspection, intrusion detection and prevention (ISP/IDS), and a deep packet inspection firewall that brings intelligence from outside the firewall which goes beyond port/protocol checking and blocking".

Referring to their names, next generation firewalls are a more advanced version of traditional firewalls. Like normal firewalls, Next-Generation Firewall uses both static and dynamic packet filtering and VPN support to ensure that all connections between the network, internet and firewall are valid and secure. Both types of firewalls are supposed must to turn network and port addresses to map IPs.

There are also fundamental differences between the traditional firewall and the new generation firewalls. The most obvious difference between them is an NGFW's ability to filter packets using applications. These firewalls have comprehensive control and visibility on applications that it can identify using analysis and signature matching. They can use whitelists or a signature-based IPS to distinguish between secure applications and unwanted applications that are then identified using SSL decryption.  Unlike most traditional firewalls, NGFWs also include a path to receive future updates.

Differentiating features of new generation firewalls provide unique benefits to companies that use them. NGFWs can prevent malware from entering a network, the fact is that traditional firewalls could never perform it. They are more equipped to detect Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). NGFWs  can be a low-cost option for companies looking to improve their core security since they can combine the work of antiviruses, firewalls, and other security applications into a single solution. It has features such as application awareness, audit services, a protection system and awareness tool that benefits the offer anyway as well.

It is required to install a firewall is a necessity for any business. Having a new generation firewall is almost as important in the modern world. Threats to personal devices and larger networks are getting changed every day. It protects devices and companies from a much wider range of intrusions with the NGFW flexibility. Even though these firewalls are not the right solution for every business, security professionals should carefully consider the benefits that

NGFWs can provide, as they have a huge advantage. Next generation firewalls also provide additional features such as active directory integration support, SSH and SSL inspection, and reputation-based malware filtering.

Common functions that exist in traditional firewalls, such as virtual private network (VPN) and packet filtering are also found in new generation firewalls. New generation firewalls are capable of detecting more application-specific attacks than standard firewalls and therefore can prevent further malicious intrusions. They perform full package inspection by checking the signatures and payload of the packages for any anomalies or malware.

Next-generation firewalls use applications more and a variety of techniques to identify different applications, including Web-based ones. They keep the details of the approved apps and inspect the data packets for any issues. They also maintain a baseline for deviations from normal application behavior that can help system administrators.

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