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Web Access Security (Proxy)

Today, everyone can do more on the website than ever before. Modern websites provide a dynamic, real-time user experience. However, the web is getting to be more dangerous with increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Enhanced web security of corporate employees in internal or external environments is also needed more, as internet usage and sophistication prevail commonly. Attackers can even choose "safe" websites for malware distribution. Today, it is not enough to simply block famous viruses or restrict access to harmful websites at organizations. While necessary, reactive techniques such as signature-based anti-virus and category-only URL filtering only when in-house are insufficient to protect access to cloud applications or to combat exploits.

Today, since these solutions focus on known content and malicious objects or executables, they cannot block attacks that hide malicious code within seemingly reliable HTTP or HTTPS traffic, or protect against unknown or emerging threats. The ability to provide secure, granular access to cloud applications is significant while proactively blocking unknown and known threats, both on-premises and off-premises.

BBS prefers to use the McAfee® Web Gateway solution in the projects it has developed for its customers on this matter. It constitutes a critical defense with this solution to protect any organization against emerging malware threats. It provides organizations with secure internet access while greatly reducing risk with an advanced security approach that combines powerful, native intent analysis with cloud-based protection powered by McAfee Labs.

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