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Unified Communications Solutions

While the development of technology offers new advantages to companies, competition in the market is also increasing. Who reduces communication costs wins while increasing efficiency in customer communication and in-house strategies. It is of great importance to obtain high benefit from next generation communication solutions and voice technologies in this race. The way to achieve this is about evaluating technological opportunities and using the right tools.

Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri provides companies with the opportunity to be more agile and faster, and to communicate more cost-effectively with the services it offers on Integrated Communications Solution.

BBS using “Cisco Unified Communications Solutions” designed in accordance with the communication needs of companies of all sizes and enables communication to be realized more efficient in many aspects provides efficiency to companies with its voice, data and video products and applications and IP communication packages. These solutions allow to work effectively in today's fast business processes by integrating companies' communication systems with their IT infrastructures.

People work together in different ways and use many collaboration tools: IP telephone for voice calls, web and video conferences, voicemail, scooter, desktop sharing, instant messaging, protocol status and more. Unified communications (UC) solutions makes it possible to combine these tools and provides trouble-free user experiences that allow people to work together more efficiently. It integrates with frequently used business applications by leveraging APIs in addition to combining real-time communication with messaging and conversation from your phone system and conferencing solutions anywhere and on any device.

Unified communications solutions are offered as on-premises software, partner-hosted solution, or as a service (UCaaS) from cloud providers.

Market-leading unified communications solutions available on-premises and in the cloud.


Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri provides installation and maintenance services with its experienced engineers by constructing new generation video conference and meeting systems with today's technology.

  • IP Phone
  • Call center
  • Webex Meeting
  • Unified Communications and Search
  • Video Conference
  • Mobile Movement Capability

Cisco Unified Communications Solution, which is an extension of the Cisco Service-Based Network Architecture, is an open and flexible platform for real-time communication. This system enables employees to reach the right resources quickly using the IT information network as a service delivery platform.

Cisco Unified Communications Solution integrates seamlessly audio, video and data communication on a single system in addition to IP-based telephony services. Cisco Unified Communications Solution simplifies the daily flow of business life thanks to the intelligence it creates on the network.

Products, applications and features included into he communications portfolio of industry leader Cisco exist on the basis of Unified Communication Solutions offered by Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri.

Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri believes that offering the "right solution" to the customer is the greatest value. It has been serving in this field for years aiming to adhere to the determined project budget and complete it on time. In this context, it has performed many successful projects with its competent and experienced personnel. Please let us to contact you so that we can introduce our work and offer you the right solution.

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