Explore the Cloud Experience Wherever Your Applications and Data Are


It is necessary to act faster than ever and adapt to change faster in the digital transformation era. You can obtain the agility and financial flexibility that organizations need to move fast with HPE GreenLake. HPE GreenLake ensures a cloud experience across your endpoints, co-locations and data centers with nearly 70% of applications and data still on-premises.

Accelerate results in four ways

  • Obtain self-service agility: Deploy resources easily, view your costs and predict capacity; all in one intuitive platform.
  • Obtain pay-per-use flexibility: Avoid heavy anticipated costs, avoid expressiveness, and only pay for what you use.
  • Scale up and down: Reduce your worries and costs with scalable capacity ready when you need it.
  • Managed for you: Reduce IT operational workloads and free up resources with fully managed cloud services.

HPE GreenLake provides services entirely at the edge, at your co-locations and data center by managing infrastructure for your workloads wherever you want on a pay-per-use model.

See how it works

  1. Choose the workloads you need: Choose from dozens of cloud services covering infrastructure, platforms, and industry-specific workloads.
  2. Obtain transparent pricing in a few clicks: Choose from dozens of cloud services covering infrastructure, platforms, and industry-specific workloads.
  3. Pay as you use
  4. Make room: We will be there as soon as BBS...


reduction of time to put digital projects into useless unplanned downtimeCAPEX savings due to the need elimination for excess supplyreducing IT support workloads and increasing IT team productivity

Accelerate your business results with the broadest portfolio of on-premises cloud services, fast delivery and consumption-based experience, as well as BBS collaboration. Innovate faster and meet your business requirements with customer-ready solutions and BBS experience based on HPE GreenLake. The cloud experience will simple for you in that way.

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