Allianz Turkey Migrated to IBM FileNet

Allianz Turkey Migrated to IBM FileNet

​​​​Business challenge

Whether you’re applying for a new insurance policy or making a claim, the quality of the response can make or break your experience. How could Allianz Turkey deliver top-notch service, every time?


Allianz Turkey embarked on a far-reaching digital transformation, using content and process management solutions from IBM and Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri to help teams work more effectively.


20% less time to process documents; the majority are now processed within a day


Response to customer and insurance agent queries, enhancing service 300% faster content search and retrieval, boosting efficiency

Business challenge story

Evolving to face new demands

Allianz has operated in Turkey for many years and has deep roots there. The group has always worked to evolve operations to meet modern customer needs. Most recently, Allianz’s drive for continuous improvement has led to a global digital transformation, focused on true customer centricity, unlocking new efficiencies, and creating a better working environment. By embracing new technologies and more productive ways of working, Allianz aims to drive streamlined and profitable operations, together with more convenient and rewarding customer experiences.

“With our new digital foundation, supported by IBM and BBS solutions, we are evolving into a much more agile and productive business.”

— Onur Koldaş, Business Rules, System and Performance Manager, Allianz Turkey

Onur Koldaş, Business Rules, System and Performance Manager at Allianz Turkey, states: “Moving to fully digitized content and processes was a key part of our strategy. We had an existing electronic content management system in place, but its capabilities were very limited, so teams had to perform many manual workarounds.

“Every month, we receive millions of documents from a variety of sources, such as policy renewals from our agents, medical records from hospitals, repair logs from automotive shops, claims submissions from individual customers, and more. In the past, we had to send all the paper files to a central mailroom for scanning and sorting, and there were often long delays before the digitized documents were available in our systems. Similarly, issues with indexing meant that people could not search for individual documents, and instead had to dig through different folders to track down specific files.”

He continues: “These delays were making it increasingly difficult to process quotes, contracts and claims in a timely manner, and deliver a fast response to customers and agents. We recognized that the lack of agility was starting to harm our competitiveness, and we saw that adopting a more integrated and digitized approach to content management could offer the solution to our challenges.”

“Today, we can retrieve information in seconds and process documents much more quickly. This is helping us to accelerate cycle times for everything from policy applications and renewals to claims.”

— Mustafa Erden, Business Systems Development Supervisor, Allianz Turkey

Transformation story

Smarter content management

To drive its digital transformation, Allianz Turkey selected a suite of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions from IBM and Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri (BBS), an IBM Gold Business Partner. Sedat Çelik, Software Development Specialist, comments: “IBM is one of Allianz’s global partners. When it came to introducing IBM ECM solutions, we felt confident that IBM could deliver the enterprise-grade technology we required to support a highly digitized and customer-centric approach to doing business. As for BBS, they have a longstanding presence in the IT services industry in Turkey, and extensive experience in the field of enterprise content and process management. We believed they were an ideal partner for this project.”As a first step, Allianz Turkey worked with BBS to overhaul its document scanning and capture processes. The group also created dedicated web portals that enable agents and other partners, such as hospitals and auto repair shops, to submit electronic documents online. This reduces workload for Allianz employees and speeds delivery of key content to business systems.In addition, Allianz Turkey established a centralized repository for all of its electronic content, built on IBM® FileNet® Content Manager. It worked with BBS to create custom integrations between the FileNet Content Manager platform and other enterprise applications, including underwriting, claims and contract management systems, so that content flows seamlessly across the business.

Allianz Turkey created structured workflows for managing its content from end to end with IBM Case Foundation. The group has defined approximately 15 to 20 different document types, which determine how every piece of information it receives will be processed. For instance, if Allianz Turkey receives an application for a new home insurance policy, it will be automatically submitted to an underwriting workflow and routed to the group’s property and casualty division for review and processing.

Results story

Fit for the future

With enterprise content management solutions from IBM and BBS in place, Allianz Turkey has moved away from manual, paper-driven processes and embraced a more efficient digital business. Erkan Çelik, Document Administration Specialist, says: “We have completely transformed our content management landscape with IBM and BBS; Allianz Turkey is now a digital company. Today, we are managing more than 90 percent of all the documents we receive in FileNet Content Manager and we have almost completely eliminated paper from our operations. With our new digital approach, we have cut the time taken to process documents by 20 percent, and can now capture, classify and load documents into our system within a single day—much faster than we were able to before.”

Digitization is helping Allianz Turkey to transform its working culture, empowering employees with flexibility to manage day-to-day activities more effectively.

Coşkun Kocaayan, Health Claims Manager, explains: “We have been going through a major cultural change in recent years, embracing more collaborative and mobile ways of working. For example, we’ve introduced an ‘away day’ to the working week, where employees can choose to work remotely if they wish. IBM ECM solutions have been a key enabler for these flexible working initiatives. As our teams are no longer tied down by paper, and can access information anytime and anywhere, they don’t need to be at their desk in the office to get their work done.”

Mustafa Erden, Business Systems Supervisor, adds: “Beyond mobility, our new approach to managing content and processes is helping teams to distribute work in a much more uniform way. Because it was quite difficult to track documents in the past, certain employees sometimes found themselves overwhelmed with work while others had comparatively little to handle. Now that we have better insight and control of how content moves across our business, we can allocate work more evenly. This helps us boost productivity and balance workload at the same time, which is a win-win situation for the business and its employees.”

Importantly, these behind-the-scenes operational improvements will translate to better customer experiences on the front end—helping Allianz Turkey strengthen loyalty and retention to protect its hard-won market share.

“Today, we can search and retrieve information 300 percent faster than before,” notes Mustafa Erden. “This is helping us to respond rapidly when customers or agents get in touch, as well as accelerate cycle times for everything from policy applications and renewals to claims.”

Onur Koldaş concludes: “With our new digital foundation, supported by IBM and BBS solutions, we are evolving into a much more agile and productive business. We can react faster to changing conditions and customer needs, make smarter decisions, and deliver more personalized and responsive service to our customers. All of this helps strengthen Allianz Turkey’s reputation as a forward-looking, customer-focused insurance company—giving us the edge we need to stay ahead in a competitive and fast-changing market.”

About Allianz Turkey

Allianz is a leading player in Turkey’s insurance market, operating property, casualty and health subsidiary Allianz Sigorta, life and pension subsidiaries Allianz Yaşam ve Emeklilik and Allianz Hayat ve Emeklilik, as well as representative companies Allianz Global Assistance (Mondial Assistance) and Euler Hermes. Allianz Turkey is at the service of its 7 million customers with 2,500 employees, 12 regional directorates, and 4,000 agencies in 81 cities.

Solution components

  • IBM® Case Foundation
  • IBM FileNet® Content Manager

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