General Mobile (Telpa) Success Story

General Mobile (Telpa) Success Story

Project Summary

This project pertains to the design of the factory network and wireless access infrastructure in General Mobile’s new production facility in the most efficient way.

Project Target

The project aims to ensure the availability of 7×24 uninterrupted wire and wireless access infrastructure for all personnel, production lines and warehouse areas in the Telpa General Mobile factory.

Project Outcomes

Immediate needs were determined as a result of both human discoveries on the spot and a review of architectural plans over about six months. Collaboration was achieved with global manufacturers on such issues as network switches, access point equipment, firewall, and next-generation end-user security. The project was delivered on the basis of the safety and uninterruptedness of IT and OT systems.

Murat Çim (General Mobile IT Manager) expresses his goals as follows: We envision, with regard to Information Technologies,  infrastructure development as our short-term target; integrated technology applications and digitalization as our medium-term target; and Cyber Physical as our long-term target.

Our Vision is to become the most preferred mobile phone brand in the world. The motto that we have embraced in the company in order to realize this vision is “To be a brand that develops high quality, accessible, smart mobile products with up-to-date technologies”.

Mehmet Fatih Şahin (General Mobile Systems and Network Technologies Manager) talks about the project they are conducting with BBS in the following words: From pre-project planning to product selection, from installation to project delivery, we carried out a very rigorous and professional work at every step. We kept carrying out periodic inspections for 6 months after the completion of the project. We finalized the project by confirming and monitoring the optimum level of functioning at all points of the infrastructure. We would like to thank the BBS team for their valuable contributions.”

About General Mobile

They started off as Telpa, a small dealer of the Leader GSM Operator, in the year 1994, 24 years ago. The grew rapidly and became a wholesaler and then a distributor. When they made a distributorship agreement with Samsung in 2003, Samsung’s market share in Turkey was 2%. Only in 4 years, the company managed to achieve sales at 6,000 points and increased its market share to 40% through a strong network of dealers. General Mobile’s successes made a global exemplary and the company was awarded as Samsung’s most successful distributor in the world.

They acted as the distributor or, and offered after-sales services to, global brands such as BlackBerry, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, SanDisk, and Belkin. As for the operator channel, they first distributed Turkcell products, and then became Avea’s exclusive distributor. In 2012, they made a strategic decision change to transfer and contribute their experiences in the sector. In 2005, they joined the General Mobile brand established in the U.S.A.

In 2013, they terminated all current distributor and after-sales agreements with various global brands. Therefore, they opened up a new process with the excitement of being able to transfer their experiences, which they worked in and gained from each ring of the chain, to their own brands. General Mobile is ranked 3rd with its market share in Turkey. It exports mobile phones to 33 world countries.