Linde Gas Success Story

Linde Gas Success Story

Established in the 1880s, German Linde Group is the world-pioneer industrial gas and engineering company with a sales volume of over 12 billion Euro, activities across 70 countries, and 53.000 employees. Linde AG purchases all shares of Karbogaz which is the largest carbon dioxide producer in Turkey, the Middle East, and the Balkans on August 1, 2006. Thereafter, The Linde Group becomes the world leader in the industrial gases sector. After this merger, Karbogaz is listed under The Linde Group. Following the merger, Linde Gaz Inc. is established by The Linde Group in 2006 and after the acquisition of BOS Inc. in 2007, the company extended its activities and organization. Before the acquisition, BOS Inc. was a company of the Koç Group and played the locomotive role in the company due to its experience and applications gained as a result of e- transformation works carried out since 2005. The merger works started in the second half of 2007 are completed on the first day of 2008 as a result of organized work plans and applying them successfully.

lindeThe “e-talep@Notes” [e-request@Notes] application used on the Lotus Notes by Linde Gaz Inc is one of the limited examples also in The Linde Group, a large group existing in 70 countries all around the world. Migration from a solution that can be counted as an antecedent of this solution to Lotus Notes which is the messaging and joint work platform of Linde Group is planned in the last quarter of the 2008 and completed at the beginning of 2009. “e-talep@Notes” supports the meaning that is given to “Paperless Office” by Linde Gaz Inc. and sustains savings. Fundamentally initiated with the purpose of being compatible with the standard series, the project demonstrated to us that an infrastructure that is very suitable and compatible with the new generation workflow system and Intranet Portal Applications is maintained by Lotus Notes and so this increased the fulfillment level of our expectations.

the e-talep@Notes solution includes a number of workflow embracing and reporting the workflows either personal or mutual, of various departments. Permission requests from Personnel Information System where company organizational structure, which functions as a source to these applications among these workflow applications, is reflected can be accessed from the Corporate Notes Page. In addition, around 15 different applications can be listed from domestic and foreign task assignments to training and IT requests, from Announcement to Corporate Calendar Applications. Another solution which is called Microsite functions as the Intranet Portal of Linde Gaz Inc. Especially, a number of Corporate Identity works of The Linde Group are carried out in the function and visual settings of Microsite. A microsite is made available to access by either inside the company or Linde Group with template work conforming to the Linde standards. Intranet web content development with this application sustained serious time and labor force savings.

During the 4 months from proposal generation for a solution and commissioning of the system, Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri handled the requests of Linde Gaz Inc. based on his experiences in the project and realized them in the demanded function and visual settings. While e-talep@Notes works on a different system which can be counted as its antecedent in terms of function or visual setting, this migration is planned pursuant to the standards of The Linde Group. Because Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri has especially important references in Turkey in the Lotus Notes-based solutions, we preferred BBS. The reinforcement of the relations with various meetings and the complete parallelism of BBS with Linde Gaz Inc. in the issue of focusing on medium and long-term purposes rather than short-term purposes increased our collaboration desire before the project. Based on their experiences, our project team completed the design of e-talep@Notes in a considerably short time. BBS experts also fulfilled the technical demands of the project very fast and efficiently by making use of their own experience sets. BBS increased our satisfaction every passing day with its approach toward the subject and efficiency during the support. It is our primary purpose to make the e-talep@Notes solution widespread in our East Europe and Middle East locations and make use of the experience and synergy of BBS.

By sticking to the standards of The Linde Group, workflows in Linde Gaz Inc are migrated to an electronic environment and efficiency-focused work processes are created. By linking personnel information and hierarchy with confirmation processes, a faster confirmation mechanism in the standard operation is sustained. By developing the project plan precisely, the methods for management of change and effects on The Linde Gas Inc. side. are used. For a more secure operation of the processes, a software solution is provided. In this project where advantages come from the nature of the Lotus Notes platform, BBS experiences benefited to a greater degree. The follow-up of the document process is facilitated and personnel is informed about this process.

Since fast application development possibility is enabled in the Lotus Notes platform, fast completion of said workflows is made possible. The system makes us have highly transparent and efficient workflows with optimum TCO and ROI rates. With a Paperless office environment, the confirmation process is facilitated and resource saving is sustained.

Our first suggestion to the companies who want to attempt similar projects; assign a competent project team to prepare detailed workflows and simulate them several times on paper. In the projects, 4P (Process, People, Product, Partner) essence must be observed and reported within regular intervals, resource control and change management are the other subjects that must absolutely be discussed.​