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Collaboration Softwares​

IBM Lotus Collaboration Software; is a security- rich collaboration software helping enterprises communicate, collaborate and increase their productivity.Why Lotus Collaboration Softwares?


• Knows what you should know.

• Knows that world has been diminishing.

• Knows how a meeting is hold in cloud environment.

• Knows that sharing desktops is wonderful, although it is weird to share a taxi.

• Knows that efficiency tools do not cost a great deal of money.

• Knows that good ideas come from open networks.

• Helps you find the special person you are looking for.

• Knows where you put the file.

• Knows who works on what.

• Lotus Notes enables you to place display components that will be able to look for from your flight attitude to post codes and to find the information you are looking for when you need it.

 • Knows how you will apply your application.

• Knows that each computer is a disguised phone.

• Knows the number that will be called.

• Knows when you will have time to chat.

• Knows that the passengers of flight 37 will be late for holiday meal.

• Knows that sometimes 36 e-mails are, in fact, just one e-mail.

• Knows that small-size enterprises will not always have high budgets.

• Knows that your colleagues will be able to escape but not hide.

• Knows that phones and laptops should have more common features.

• Knows how to make you a better communicator.

• Lotus mobile software is developing the skills of your smart phone and is integrating e-mail, calendar, instant message and features of combined phone in one interface. Thus; wherever you go, you can safely find and collaborate with your colleagues you need.

• Knows how to make your customer the center of the world.

• Knows how you can make your network work more smartly.

• Knows how to help people in helping themselves.

• Knows what your customers think about you.

• Knows that a better web experience is a better work experience.


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