Corporate Business Intelligence



Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri uses Microsoft Technologies as Process management and Business Intelligence Platform. With SQL Server as Microsoft Business Intelligence platform and Microsoft SharePoint as information communication platform, end-to-end and complete integrated solution is provided for business performance management.

SQL Server provides an end-to-end business intelligence platform with integrated analytic such as Online Analytic Processing, data mining, data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) tools, data warehousing and reporting functionality. SharePoint enables information share, reporting, analysis and process management effectively. While this comprehensive and integrated approach controls the costs of companies, simultaneously helps them in creating and installing the robust business intelligence applications seamlessly.

Process Management is the identification, description, owner-appointment, following up and evaluating the process performance indicators, when necessary changing and making new designs of all processes of the company in order to understand how processes work today and improve them.

Process Performance Indicators

They are the parameters defined in order to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes. Targets are identified for them and status is monitored with regular measurements. Measurement results indicate the way pursued and improvement or degradations recorded.

Advanced decision-making. With the help of enhancements made in current business intelligence features such as OLAP and data mining and new reporting server, companies can transform the information into much more accurate business decisions at entire levels of organization from data employee to CEO.