Data Storage And Data Management

​​​At the present time, the amount data in the world is increasing inrementally thanks to internet. In 2000, 2 exabyte information was produced all over the World; in 2011 5 Exabyte data was produced with only difference; not in a year but in a day.

In this case, storing all of the information and processing some results by analyzing in case of need creates a problem. In addition, data tiering namely, storing old/to be archieved data in high capacity and cheap discs (NL-SAS) and storing new data in fast discs (SAS or SSD) is also required. Due to life cycle of data, moving old data to SAS or NL-SAS discs automatically has importance.

We provide solutions about storing big data and creating tiered data storage infrastructure according to the needs of organization  by working them.