Datasoft Software


With a background of more than 20 years, Datasoft softwares offer user friendly, functional and cost-effective solutions for small and middle size enterprises and accounting offices. All products are modules that run independent as well as fully integrated if required. Datasoft softwares are grouped under two basic set such as advisor sets and commercial sets. These sets have the contents that can meet the needs of enterprises at different scales and accounting offices.Even if I shift to another device, I don't require to get the password. I am using "Mobile Software Key".

  • I can access all software updates instantly via Internet.

  • I enjoy the comfort of addition of legal updates into my softwares, even before I am informed.

  • I can have all updates within one year after initial purchase for free.

  • As long as I continue in using the current series, I am benefiting from the phone support for free.

  • I can dowload the software packages that I purchased to the my computer by only entering my user code

  • Thanks to shortcut definitions, I can enter in software menus instantly.

  • Thanks to user definitions, I can maintain the security of confidential company data at highest levels.

  • In set and system changes, the value of the set conserves its updateness.

  • I trust in 20 years realibility of Datasoft.​