Dynamics 365 & XRM


Customer relations management (CRM) plays a crucial role in the arrangement of activities that maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty, in efficient marketing activities, in decreasing costs and increasing profitability.  

CRM solutions provides return on investment with marketing automation, customer services and sales force automation. It provides effective customer experience at every turn. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you make all of your customers happy customers.  

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers you CRM solutions that meet your business requirements both in corporation and in cloud. In addition, it provides tools that integrate data and reports received from social media thanks to mobile CRM applications and platforms that make customer management on mobile devices possible.​


While Microsoft Dynamics CRM enable you to have special solutions thanks to its developable XRM infrastructure, it also offers modules supporting your standard business processes. 

SALES: Thanks to a kind of guidance eliminating “guess” aspect of the business, your Customer Relations Management system enable you to become prominent with share abilities providing collaboration with colleagues on the way and with business processes that has account data, news, social activities and connection information

CUSTOMER SERVICES: Advanced customer services begins from inside and develops towards outside. Thanks to the workflow infrastructure it has, Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers you the necessary infrastructure required both for solutions of customer complaints and for customer satisfaction. 

MARKETING: Microsoft Dynamics CRM make you gain the comprehension that you need to understand your customers better. Thanks to its influential behavior and marketing analysis, you can aim your customers easily, categorize them, understand what they are interested in and you can attract them with right messages at the right time.  

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