· Our solution is independent of ERP. It provides full integration with your accounting program.

· Performance tests are performed and you can prepare your book quickly and safely.

· You are not affected by ERP version transitions.

· You do not need to buy e-Book application again in ERP change.

· More reasonable prices and support packages are available.

· Printing, approval, cargo and custody processes are gone, costs are reduced.

· Operations can be performed independent of the location.

· It is created quickly, time loss is reduced.

· Physical archiving is not done, so problems such as loss, destruction will be removed.

· Savings and productivity are ensured in the work force.

· Human error is removed.

· Controls are performed in electronic environment, fast and easily

· Instant financial status information is easily accessible

· Provides a common format and standard for information sharing between audits and institutions.

· Provides paper saving.

· The informal economy is prevented.

· Provides the possibility of previewing and checking of e-Book data coming from ERP / Accounting system.

· The e-Book entries which are finalized within the approval mechanism can be displayed in a separate environment.

· The specific financial period can be defined.

· Making notifications to relevant users as a result of the approach of the legal staff for e-books requiring notification within legal periods.

· It can produce dynamic reports.

· It is integrated with enterprise application and commercial software. It avoids any disruption in financial processes.

· It can report in international standard XBRL format.

· Certified books and certificates are archived safely for a period of 10 years.​