Eczacıbaşı Success Story


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With special software developed for the follow of export works within Eczacıbaşı, all invoices made out for export integratedly with SAP were provided to flow to the application. Thanks to slip processes modules developed for entering the payments made by the customers into invoices as receipt, for giving instructions to the banks, and for forming the payment record on SAP, all export processes were integrated by forming only one record. Also, other processes such as the management of present customer balances and export expenses were provided via this system. Again Loan module, a part of this application, enabled Ekom to manage loan thanks to its functions of used-loan payment and management of invoices issued to loans and loan commitment closing. Scheduled mail notifications, working thanks to this system, enabled both indebted customers and their account managers to be sent the amount of delay according to the invoices on defined days. Situation follow-up was provided with the prepared dynamic reports from every perspective.