EnerjiSA Success Story

​​Business challenge

Without easy access to engineering and asset data, Enerjisa struggled to manage construction and maintenance at power plants—putting it at risk of energy supply disruption and regulatory penalties.

Together with IBM Business Partner BBS, Enerjisa transformed the way teams work with company-wide data, deploying a powerful content management platform and integrating it with key SAP applications.

optimization of maintenance and construction to maintain a steady energy supply

teams work more productively thanks to easier content access

full audit trail for proving regulatory compliance, helping avoid penalties

Business challenge story
Keeping the lights on
When someone switches on a light at their home in Ankara or powers up a computer at an office in Istanbul, there’s a good chance that the electricity has been generated by Enerjisa—the Turkish electricity industry’s pioneering and leading corporation.
“We can plan day-to-day works much faster and effectively. As a result, we can keep power plants operating safely and efficiently around the clock.”

—Aylin Özdemir, Enterprise Solutions Manager, Enerjisa

To generate its electricity supply, the utility operates 19 power plants across the country. To manage day-to-day operations at these plants, Enerjisa has long relied on a suite of SAP ERP applications, including SAP Plant Maintenance. And to support their work—particularly when it comes to construction and maintenance—teams need to refer to a vast array of documents, such as engineering plans, construction drawings, inventory lists, asset maintenance schedules and more.

Aylin Özdemir, Enterprise Solutions Manager at Enerjisa, explains: “Content plays a critical role in helping us plan construction and maintenance at our power plants. When we build a new plant, for instance, we work with many different partners and can produce many iterations of engineering plans before finalizing a design.

“It’s vital that we maintain strict version control over these documents and keep them readily accessible, as we may need to refer to them months or even years down the road; for example, if we are undertaking new building works or making repairs. Similarly, if there is a plant inspection and certain structures are found to be not up to code, we need to refer to the final plans to understand where the oversight was introduced—something that can be difficult if there are many variations and versions of documents that haven’t been properly classified. If we fail to provide the necessary documentation, we can be subject to audit fines, a risk that we are keen to avoid.”

Previously, Enerjisa organized project documents in a collection of electronic file systems that had grown increasingly complex over the years. With content scattered across multiple repositories, it took considerable time and effort for staff to locate individual documents, and files frequently got lost in the shuffle. What’s more, the company lacked a standardized approach to managing multiple versions of the same document, which made it difficult to track changes and created the risk of the wrong version of a document being used accidentally.

Enerjisa recognized that it urgently needed a more consistent way of working with its masses of information, and set out to establish a robust foundation for managing enterprise-wide content.
“IBM ECM offered everything we were looking for in one package. The IBM solutions offered a very rich range of functionality, good flexibility and easy integration with other applications, including SAP.”

—Hale Dikici, Enterprise Applications Development, Enerjisa
Transformation story
Powering up a new approach to content management
After an extensive selection process, Enerjisa chose a suite of IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions to drive tight control over the end-to-end document lifecycle—from initial capture to storage and case management.

Hale Dikici, Enterprise Applications Development at Enerjisa, says: “We wanted to establish a single platform that could cover all of our needs, and IBM ECM offered everything we were looking for in one package. The IBM solutions offered a very rich range of functionality, good flexibility and easy integration with other applications, including SAP. We felt that they were the right fit for meeting our short-term needs for managing documents at our power generation plants, and could eventually provide an ideal foundation for content management across our entire business.”

To help guide a successful implementation of the ECM solutions, Enerjisa turned to IBM Gold Business Partner Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri (BBS).

Hale Dikici continues: “This was a very complex undertaking—we had a great deal of content to tackle, numerous systems to integrate, and we had to do it all within a tight deadline of just a few months. BBS rose to that challenge, and were very open and ready to help. Their team are ECM experts and we trusted them to help steer a smooth implementation. We’ve built a good partnership with BBS, and their support has been key to our success.”
Working with BBS, Enerjisa was able to roll out a new content management platform to its energy generation business within just two months. The company has brought 25,000 documents from seven power plants onto the IBM platform, and expects to incorporate an additional 40,000 documents from 12 remaining plants by the end of 2017.

As a first step, Enerjisa used IBM® Datacap to capture and classify its construction- and maintenance-related documents, extracting key information from the electronic files for use in applications such as SAP ERP—the company’s core enterprise resource planning system. Enerjisa established 22 main classes and 114 subclasses for categorizing its digital documents, so that they are easy to search for and retrieve.

All of the newly enriched electronic content is stored in IBM FileNet® Content Manager, which forms the core of the company’s new document management system. FileNet Content Manager provides centralized access to all of the necessary documentation required for construction and maintenance work, including permits, engineering drawings, procedures and maintenance schedules.

Enerjisa also introduced IBM Content Collector for SAP Applications software to integrate information from FileNet Content Manager with its SAP ERP applications. Users can search and manage documents held in FileNet Content Manager from directly within the SAP environment, helping them work more productively.

Finally, the company takes advantage of IBM Case Manager software to create intuitive workflows for managing document changes and approvals—driving tighter version control.
Results story
Keeping energy flowing
With IBM ECM solutions providing an efficient, reliable way to store and control documents, teams at Enerjisa benefit from rapid access to the information they need to work effectively.

Aylin Özdemir notes: “It’s much easier for people to find what they are looking for now. Before, documents were scattered across multiple folders and file systems. Now, everything is held in a single FileNet Content Manager repository, and users can search and retrieve the information they need in seconds—even from within enterprise applications like SAP—saving valuable time and effort.
“IBM ECM solutions have also brought a new level of consistency to document management. All of our files are properly classified and indexed, and we can see a full record of when documents have been accessed or edited and by which users. This helps us keep a much better track of different document versions. It is also much easier to respond to auditors’ requests for information as we can quickly deliver a full audit trail for specific sets of files, which helps us avoid the risk of fines.”

Newfound visibility and control over content allows Enerjisa to make the most of its information assets to keep vital energy generation services flowing smoothly.

Aylin Özdemir concludes: “Now that teams can bring up timely, accurate information on our construction, asset management and maintenance activity, we can plan day-to-day works much faster and effectively. As a result, we can keep our power plants operating safely and efficiently around the clock, helping us provide a reliable energy supply to our distribution network—keeping the lights on for the millions of end-customers that Enerjisa serves.”


About Enerjisa
A subsidiary of Sabancı Holding and E.ON, Enerjisa was founded in 1996. The company provides electricity services in four main areas: production, supply, trade and sales; it also manages a natural gas portfolio. Holding an installed power capacity of around 3,600 megawatts, Enerjisa serves up electricity to nine million subscribers and provides distribution services to 20 million users in 14 provinces across Turkey.

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