Enka Enerji Success Story
​​Overflow: Hidden No MoreENKA Technic is a leading company producing the most convenient solutions in Turkey and abroad on integrated facility engineering, purchasing and building site services, facility operation and maintenance fields. Founded in 1981, company reflects all knowledge and values of ENKA GROUP and creates value for all customers with its reliable, committed and customer-focused corporate culture. With its experience more than 20 years, ENKA Technic develops solutions in material handling, storage systems, auxiliary facilities, water treatment and environment engineering fields. It is a long term solution partner developing solutions in engineering and enterprises of corporations which he provides turnkey service in a wide range.

ENKA Technic was continuing its works with personal efforts of its staff, homemade computers and market products for its informatics needs before starting to work with HP. Today, 80% of the products used for IT are composed of HP products. ENKA Technic prefers HP in its system room, backup units, plotters, ink-jet printers, LAN switches and servers since they are satisfied with the problem-free operation of the devices. Fast intervention and troubleshooting in case of any problem keeps the system upright as well as provides great easiness to ENKA Technic. In the HP Proliant servers of the data center of ENKA Technic, a total of approximately data load of 3.5 TB is processed with license management and construction management softwares such as DNS, WINS, Active Directory and Enhanced Policy Orchestrator, Lotus Domino (64-bit), with modeling software such as SmartPlant, and with 3D design and processing application softwares and file services softwares. The backups of all these servers are transferred to data cartridges through 3 LTO tape servers. ENKA Technic plans to reinforce its system with switch products of Procurve family in the future projects.​